Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ok so I have been away for a while. Things got supper crazy this last year. My husband went to recruiters school and then we moved from SoCal (we had been there over 10 yrs) to Iowa...lol
So now things are settling back in and Im hoping to start blogging again.
I have picked up the process of menu planning and am always working on doing new things with this. With being in a new city and new state we have had to change where we shop and making it so I have to change how I shop even more then before.
I used to shop at the commissary which was the cheapest place to get our food. Now we are shopping at Hy-Vee as there is no other place to shop. Our nearest commissary is 2 hrs away from us and we are considering making a once a month trip to get the major things for our dinners there and then only doing the weekly shopping (milk eggs and such) at HyVee.
With the new move we also got a new bill well a few of them which has really cut into our budget and made things a little different these days. We bought a house which Im falling in love with more and more. Its just a lot more work then living on base that is for sure. ;)
So Im hoping to at least post one time a week if not more to give you some good deals or tell you what we are doing to save some green stuff around here.