Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok so I did great Friday, Sat and Sun and stayed with-in my 1600 cal or less range worked out friday at the gym sat mowed and did yard work and sunday was time with the not so great was over my cals before dinner to much snacking and eatting things I just shouldnt have and now i feel like crap and am have let myself down.
Having a hard time focusing on the goal and keeping on track so tomorrow even though I have plans to go to my girlfriends house for group lunch/play date I must go to the gym when I was going to take it off then come home and clean up and then go to my girlfriends house.
Got my bodyfat done today and well I had it done 6 weeks ago when we started a new work out at the hopes that just working out and not really focusing on my eatting would change something even though we all know working out and eatting right has to come together to make it happen. I guess the good news it the working out made it stay the same no change 26% body fat which isnt persay bad just not where I want to see myself. My goal is to be 22-23% which means I have to stay focused at all times about my plan and back to focusing tomorrow and kicking my ass in gear!
Here is to a better focused tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weight Loss Plan

Ok so here is the plan stan...My 5 steps!
Get back on track with meal planning and stick to it! No fast food, no ordering pizza because Im just tried and don't want to cook...which happens once a week bad bad bad.
step one (diet/moving my body), drinking water 120oz a day, going to the gym 5 days a week, running and biking on the weekends, getting my 2nd burn on by working out while shyla naps instead of playing on the computer, eating 1600 cals a day or less. let me break that down for you....Breakfast 300cal, Lunch 500cal, afternoon snack 150cal, Dinner 500cal, evening snack 150cal! I know that sounds crazy to some of you but I did this before and I can do it again.
I am paying for my bodybugg which is step two (making myself accountable) and have stopped using it because I didn't want to be accountable well I am tried of being tried and just feeling blah need to get back to that peppy me...soon summer will be here and I have 3 kids I have to entertain not just a 2 yr old...hehe.
step three (clean it out) cleaning my kitchen and making sure all the crap food is gone which should be fairly easy as its the end of the month and we need to go shopping.
step four (resting the body) going to bed before 1030pm to get the 8hrs of sleep I need to rest my body and recover.
step five...NO Excuses!!!