Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok so I did great Friday, Sat and Sun and stayed with-in my 1600 cal or less range worked out friday at the gym sat mowed and did yard work and sunday was time with the not so great was over my cals before dinner to much snacking and eatting things I just shouldnt have and now i feel like crap and am have let myself down.
Having a hard time focusing on the goal and keeping on track so tomorrow even though I have plans to go to my girlfriends house for group lunch/play date I must go to the gym when I was going to take it off then come home and clean up and then go to my girlfriends house.
Got my bodyfat done today and well I had it done 6 weeks ago when we started a new work out at the hopes that just working out and not really focusing on my eatting would change something even though we all know working out and eatting right has to come together to make it happen. I guess the good news it the working out made it stay the same no change 26% body fat which isnt persay bad just not where I want to see myself. My goal is to be 22-23% which means I have to stay focused at all times about my plan and back to focusing tomorrow and kicking my ass in gear!
Here is to a better focused tomorrow.

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Emily said...

How was this week for you?
I'm thinking of doing the C25K program... even though I'm not much of a runner (ahem, at all!). Are you doing it or have you done it?
Hope life is good for you!
xo Emily