Monday, October 6, 2008

CVS Week 10/5

Ok so I got a ton of stuff this week. I started out with 10.79 in ECB (extra care bucks) from last week. I came home after my trip with $16.00 in ECB's. So I have a great start for next week.

I also got a Free $25 Giftcard with any New or Transferred RX. This is great because the one RX we get filled off base is not transferrable so I have been waiting for one that said the RX could be free. So now I get to go shopping for free at CVS for over a month! On average I spend $4 oop (out of pocket). Ok so here is the list of what I got yesterday.

Gillette Shampoo x4

Head n Shoulders Shampoo x1

Always Infinity Pads x1

Viamin Water 32oz x1

Soleil Razors x4

Colgate Maxfresh x2

Imodium x1

Tylenol Extra Strength x1

CVS Handsanitizer spray for kids x3

Lady Speedstick x3

Ex-Large Hersery bars x4(2 dark 2 with almonds)

100 grand candy bar because the cashier was giving me a hard time so I needed a filler

Total Merchandise: 100.89 Total Saved: 96.93! Woohoo!!!!!

Total OOP was.........................................$3.96

(would have been closer to 2 but the cashier was giving me a hard time saying my ECB's couldnt pay for my tax on items.) It's been known through out CVS' that each store and each cashier does things differant so it was bound to happen. I went at a differant time to the same store I always go to and got a not so happy I was personaly stealing from her or something. Which CVS gets all the money back plus some for the coupons I use. So I now know I need to shop at my normal time with my normal cashier who thinks its great that I can walk out of the store with paying under $4 for bags of stuff!

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